• Altitudes Oct – Nov – Dec 2007 – Spicing it up in Zanzibar

      The scent of cloves on the warm monsoon wind, the splendor of the sultan’s places, Arab, Persian and Indian traders and pirates crisscrossing the Indian ocean… The very name of Zanzibar spells mystery and adventure, off the the coast of Tanzania in Eastern Africa, the island has retained its old world charm and the […]

  • Kinasi Lodge Rates

    Kinasi Lodge Rates Sheets 2015-2016   Please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected] for PDF versions of Kinasi Lodge Rates; these provide information on flights, seasonal price changes and other useful traveller tips and services.

  • Kinasi Lodge Mafia Island Re-launches New Website

    Kinasi Lodge Mafia Island Re-launches New Website Kinasi Lodge Mafia Island is re-entering the online scene complete with new look and features. Updated with the latest info on for your perfect Island Adventure, is now online after a complete redesign. Both kinasilodge and are responsive sites and adhere to Google’s new algorithm for mobility; […]

  • 2015, Our 20th Birthday!

    2015, Our 20th Birthday! To celebrate our 20th birthday we have some great offers throughout the year so please come and join in……you can make your own special like come for 5 nights and pay for 4, or bring one child for free….use your imagination and TRY US ON! Throughout the year though we are […]

  • Kinasi Lodge Recipes

    Kinasi Lodge Recipes Kinasi Lodge has managed a culinary feat – home cooking on a remote island archipelago, where only rice, cassava, bananas and coconuts grow in abundance under the tropical sun. Dinner is served under Moroccan lanterns overlooking the bay, either in the dining room with its golden ocra walls or on the pool […]

  • Why Mafia Island?

        WHY MAFIA IS SUCH A WONDERFUL DESTINATION   Where are we ?  LOCATION Kinasi is on the south-east coast of Mafia Island at Utende, overlooking Chole Bay and the islands of Jibondo, Chole and Juani. Lua Cheia is on the north-west tip facing Zanzibar and close to the Loghthouse. Mafia is 160 km […]