• Downloadable Articles: Special destination with many faces

    Get a full blend of mind, body and soul relaxation in the peaceful paradise of East Africa. Getting out from the hustle and bustle of the busy civilization and fall in love with the Island life. Tanzania’s Last True Paradise Altitudes 2007 Carenes Septembre-Octobre Divestyle September 2012 Pemba and Mafia Kinasi Brochure Mafia island marine park Off Tanzania, Serene Mafia […]

  • Travel Africa: Gentle Spell of the Secret Archiphelago

    Mafia Island is what Zanzibar was a generation or two ago, which is why, if she got to choose her perfect last day on earth Caroline Webb would go  back to this secret archipelago off the East Coast of Africa, where she fell under its gentle spell.  

  • Fishing Mafia Part 2: Monsters from Mafia

    Fortunately the kings did not disappoint.  

  • Fishing Mafia Part 1: Monsters from Mafia

    The kingfish or giant  trevally  is one gish that is forever present in the dreams of all South African fishermen. At the same time you take  your first cast into the ocean you have already heard countless stories about these tackle-busting monsters of the deep.

  • E. African Islands a Quiet Haven

      LAMU, Kenya (AP) — Swimming with dolphins, staying in a tree house on the coast, spectacular snorkeling, and diving sites filled with colorful tropical fish — the East African islands of Lamu and Mafia offer visitors all this and more. A trip to Lamu involves flying to a dusty airstrip in neighboring Manda Island […]

  • The Mafia Island Marine Park

    THE MAFIA ISLAND MARINE PARK Background The Mafia Island region (see map) which includes the Rufiji River Delta and Mafia channel, forms one of the finest complexes of estuarine, mangrove, coral reef, and marine ecosystems in the world, all lying in an area of around 1500km².  The coral reefs are particularly diverse for Eastern Africa.  […]