• Turtle Hatching in Mafia Island

    TURTLE HATCHING IN MAFIA ISLAND The months of June and July have seen the beginning of the turtle hatching in Mafia Island and the start of the new breeding season. An amazing sight is to see the hatchlings crawling to the sea while adults swim just offshore (as if waiting for their “babies”); we have […]

  • Short History of Mafia

    A SHORT HISTORY OF MAFIA by Peter Byrne  Introduction Mafia lies across the historic trade routes of the ancient Azania Coast, running from Somaliland to Sofala, in Mozambique. The trade route yielded gold, ivory, slaves, live animals, animal furs and skins. Mafia’s location would have provided an excellent stop for refilling water containers and making […]

  • Kinasi Lodge Mafia Island Rooms

    Rooms of Kinasi Lodge Mafia Island Curate your stay to perfection by choosing your room and your activities while at Kinasi….Here are your room choices and srefer to the Layout Map of Kinasi and the view and room images for more detail: ROOM NAME WHY IS IT CALLED THAT ? OUR ROOMS ARE NAMED FOR […]

  • Mafia and Kinasi – Safari in Tanzania and then come to us

    Mafia Island In The Tanzanian Holiday Network – Safari And Beach Mafia’s Place in the Tourist Circuits This month I want to concentrate on describing how Mafia fits into the two principal tourist circuits of Tanzania – north and south, in addition to being a stand-alone destination for keen divers with Zanzibar and Pemba for […]

  • Mafia Island – History, Nature And Island Life

    A Visitors experience of Mafia… Mafia has had a prominent place in the history of the East Coast of Africa, as it was a safe haven for ships to stop for water and for repairs; Mafia was part of the sultanate of Kilwa and prospered as a settlement  during Kilwa’s rise as an economic power. […]