Blue World Diving and Watersports – February

When we all recollect, February has always been our personal favorite month of the year.

As the festive season slowly simmers down before the monsoon and the African sun is still as hot as Mother Nature always intended – all the crew of Blue World Diving enjoy the natural splendors of Mafia Island.

The diving in February has been very good with lengthy days out on the ocean with great company and incredible dives. The common favorites of Kinasi Pass the Potato Bass and schooling Barracuda didn’t disappoint the divers.

A special thanks to Gill for returning to Kinasi this past month and for getting back into diving for the first time in many years . A touching email after our last time at Kinasi together, “It was fun getting back into diving after 20 years, and Asheli is the most wonderful supportive and patient teacher.”

Surgeon Fish - Mafia Island

Surgeon Fish – Mafia Island

The Whale Sharks are still swimming about in the bright turquoise waters of Mafia Island and have pleased many travelers who had up-close encounters with the worlds largest fish.

For the guests who looked for a different connection than those underwater, the cultural excursions were a perfect getaway.  The alluring history of the East African coast has fascinated people from all over the world for years. The rich cultural diversity and unexplored nature allows for an insightful and extremely unique glimpse at what it may have been like so long ago right here on Mafia Island.

A massive congratulations to all the Blue World Diving and Watersports Crew for an amazing and  entertaining month of February.

The Kinasi Team.

Mafian Culture

Mafian Culture