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This is a rock wall from 8 m down to 28 m, with caves, caverns, overhangs and an archway; this is the only true rock wall so far discovered and it makes a spectacular and exciting dive. Large groupers, sharks, guitarfish, turtles and basket sponges are features. We have also seen many large pelagics here, including sailfish, very large tuna and dolphins, as the wall lies close to great dropoffs. There is lush growth of sedentary filter feeders and algae on the upper part of the wall; seafans and whip corals lower down.


An extension of the same wall, from 9-22 m, this dive is interesting for the many small walls interspersed with shelving reef, offering a great variety of soft and hard corals and more reef fish. There are very many Napoleon wrasse and potato bass. An excellent dive.


This site is also an extension of the Dindini Wall lying at the northern tip of Jina Island, ranging in depth from 8 m to 20 m at the base of a small, vertical wall that has shallow caverns and overhangs and bottoms out in a gravel field. The site is one of our favourites for a rough-mannered, persistent, overfriendly and very large potato bass who dominates every dive.


A gently sloping fringing reef down to 26 m with many brightly coloured soft corals. Home to many mid-size groupers (Flowery Cod) and inquisitive blue-spotted trevally, which are common on all Mafia dives. This site is close to and a continuation of the fringing reef complex near Kinasi Pass.


The north and south shoulders of the Pass are fringing reefs with dramatic landscapes; here there are excellent stands of pristine staghorn and large table corals. Shoals of juvenile reef and pelagic fish; the red lunar-tailed groupers are common; many parrotfish. Turtles, rays and small reef sharks are often seen, as well as many of the larger ocean-going fish – kingfish, caranx, barracuda, rainbow runner. Both dive sites – on either side of the Pass – slope to 20 m, where the coral peters out to rubble and sand, about 500 m offshore.

Diving Inside the Bay trough Kinasi Wall, Coral Gardens, Milimani , Msumbiji ... more info here