Why choose Mafia Island?

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Mafia Island is just

Mafia Island is the most culturally original and environmentally natural of Tanzania’s Indian Ocean islands, visited by the few who know its charms and desire a special adventure. A friendly culture comes naturally. Here beautiful beaches, unaffected by modern life, pollution and settlement, coral reefs with an array of snorkel and dive sites, famous game fishing experiences, ancient ruins connected to Persian and Arab settlement and coastal forests are the setting for a traditional way of life for the local people. Fishing and smallholder agriculture underpin their livelihood.

While Mafia is a water paradise we like to point out its many other attractions and interests: its people and their lives, history and archaeology (there is a thousand years of history here), unique marine and bird life, plants, and all the many beaches and sand banks, mangrove forest inlets, coral islets that make it so beautiful. The Mafia Island Marine Park covers over 400 square kilometres and is home to at least 460 species of fish and 52 identified genera of coral. The whale sharks are to be found feeding here seasonally each year and over 100 protected turtle nests will hatch each season….there is no other destination like Mafia with so much to see, do and experience.

And Mafia is not a busy tourist destination; we are still little known to travel agents and tour operators and travellers worldwide. We receive fewer than seven thousand people a year staying an average of five nights. Mafia attracts those who have a wish to get off the beaten track and really experience nature and local culture that has not been disturbed by urban or industrial development and mass tourism. Zanzibar has the name but Mafia has the treasures.

Welcoming and friendly people are one of the greatest attractions of visiting Mafia Island and you will soon realise that, as for all of East Africa, the people of Mafia are extremely friendly, self-confident but humble, and always ready for a laugh. A lasting memory you will take away is how cheerful and playful people are. Arrive as a curious visitor and leave as an experienced Friend of Mafia.

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Visit www.mafiaisland.com for more information about Mafia Island .