Weddings and Honeymoons in Mafia

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Wouldn’t it be fun to get married on a tropical island, bare feet in the sand, fruit punch in your hand, and a cigar in your top pocket…..If you want to marry in Mafia and you want the actual marriage procedure to be carried out at Kinasi on the beach, at the poolside veranda or under the shade trees we will do it !

We will need the following original documentation:
 An application letter in English (signed by both partners) indicating that they want to marry in Tanzania with the intended date of marriage
 A signed written statement from each partner, stating that they are single (if you have been married before, a copy of the divorce papers)

A 21-day notice before the actual date of marriage will have to be put up at the notice board of the municipality in town. If you already have this from your own country and town, please send it as it will help enormously.
If you send all the above papers to us at least one month before the marriage date we will be able to carry out the whole bureaucratic process for you. We will also make sure that the responsible Government official who conducts civil weddings, priest or minister of your chosen church, or other person requested by you and empowered to perform marriages in Tanzania will be at Kinasi in order to conduct the official ceremony.

And we decorate Kinasi in the traditional Swahili style with tropical flowers, coconut palm leaves and coloured local materials. You will be astonished how dramatic and lovely this is.


We do lots of special things for honeymooners – excursions, candlelight dinners on the beach, tropical flower bouquets and fruit, cakes and chocolates, sparkling wines – but do not like talking about it here on the website as it is no longer a surprise !! Just let’s say that we really look after honeymooners with all the romance and personal attention that such a special occasion calls for…and that you would expect from a homely place like Kinasi….and leave the rest to us to make the surprise worthwhile.
If you are the one organizing the honeymoon then please email us for the details, so we do not spoil anyone’s surprise.