Snorkeling sites in Mafia

MANGE REEF In the shallows surrounding the Mange atoll are some of the most beautiful stands of branching staghorn corals, best appreciated by snorkelling. Large expanses of shallow coral and sand patches with brilliant illumination for superb snorkelling and photography. On the western side the reef falls away to a fabulous sloping wall dive. KITUTIA […]

Weddings and Honeymoons in Mafia

Wouldn’t it be fun to get married on a tropical island, bare feet in the sand, fruit punch in your hand, and a cigar in your top pocket…..If you want to marry in Mafia and you want the actual marriage procedure to be carried out at Kinasi on the beach, at the poolside veranda or […]

Code of Conduct for Whale Shark Interactions

To snorkel with Whale Sharks in their natural habitat is a breathtaking and a very rewarding experience. The whale shark is the biggest ‘Shark’ and fish in the ocean. You do have to understand that this is NOT a whale (which simply refers to its size) – it is a shark but a a very gentle giant. […]


DINDINI WALL NORTH This is a rock wall from 8 m down to 28 m, with caves, caverns, overhangs and an archway; this is the only true rock wall so far discovered and it makes a spectacular and exciting dive. Large groupers, sharks, guitarfish, turtles and basket sponges are features. We have also seen many […]


KINASI WALL This is a sheltered bank reef, moderately deep and steeply sloping from 8 to 21 metres. It runs south-east:north-west for approximately 800 m and is an excellent dive on a slack tide or with a slight incoming current. It is in superb condition and composed of many species of hard and soft corals […]

Why choose Mafia Island?

kua channel mafia tanzania

Mafia Island is just Mafia Island is the most culturally original and environmentally natural of Tanzania’s Indian Ocean islands, visited by the few who know its charms and desire a special adventure. A friendly culture comes naturally. Here beautiful beaches, unaffected by modern life, pollution and settlement, coral reefs with an array of snorkel and […]