There are many interesting places to see on Mafia, but the condition of the roads can make this rather tiring for those not initiated to bad African roads. On these excursions the visitor will see village life as it has always been, with almost none of the trappings of the modern day.

Kilindoni Town
& Harbour

Kilindoni is the district centre and most populous settlement on Mafia, which is also Tanzania’s smallest electorate. The harbour is a bustling port and a great place to see how the coastal dhow trade works, as almost all Mafia’s needs and exports are still handled by these vessels. The fish and vegetable market is also interesting.

Ras Mbizi Plantation

Ras Mbizi is one of the peninsulas on the northern side of Mafia, and was planted to coconuts before World War I by German settlers. This and its sister plantation, Chunguruma, for a lovely area for a day’s outing, with your guide explaining how the coconut industry works and the products derived, as well as miles of beach to explore in total isolation.


This part of Mafia is where the beautiful beaches have been formed. In contrast the Chole Bay side of Mafia is superb for diving and snorkelling

The stunning feature of the location is the nearly 3 km of beach stretching away in both directions, all yours…..the sand is white and pure and one can always swim, despite tidal changes. And the complete isolation from any other tourist facility or commercial activity of any kind. Solitude, nature, complete relaxation.

Baleni & Kifinge

Baleni is a village in the south-central area of Mafia, and lies enroute to the lovely Kifinge Bay (also known as Forbes Bay), the northern boundary of the Marine Park. There is a very interesting 45 minute walk through the Mlola Forest down to the beach for a picnic lunch on the sand.

Kirongwe, Kanga & Jimbo

These are the northern villages of Mafia before reaching Bweni and Ras Mkumbi. The north of Mafia is quite different to the south, as a result of lower rainfall and better soils. There are many baobabs and multi-headed doum palms, euphorbia and Acacia trees. The people live from a combination of farming and fishing, with most having additional skills such as sail-making, rope-making, weaving. Kanga and Jimbo are famous for the natural and coloured mats made from Phoenix palm leaves.

Our beach at Lua Cheia and Bweni

The owners of Kinasi have now acquired the area - stretching from Kanga Beach to Bweni Village - for conservation and exclusive use by Kinasi guests. It is 55 km from Kilindoni to Bweni so it’s a wonderful day for this excursion; we take a 4x4 vehicle and picnic with us.

Lighthouse at Ras Mkumbi

A visit to the lighthouse will allow you to see far to the south over the Mlola Forest, protected for its vegetation and wildlife, including Sykes monkeys.

Giant Baobabs at Ras Mkumbi

There are magnificent baobabs in the north of Mafia, especially at Ras Mkumbi (the northern tip of the island, just beyond Bweni village. sand.

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