Each day guests will be asked which activities they would like to be involved in. Since these usually involve the sea we need to plan carefully around the tides for your maximum enjoyment of the snorkelling, diving, swimming and picnicking on sand banks and islets in and around the Bay.

All activities are tide-dependent so we keep the tide times on a board in the sitting area. The tide times not only change each day but the size of the tide (how high the water reaches and how low it falls) also changes throughout the month, in concordance with the moon.


Located on the shallow reef backing the Chole and Kinasi Walls; the maximum depth is 8 m and the snorkeller is usually in 3 to 6 m. A very extensive and superb photographic site with numerous coral “bommies” in seagrass and sand patches. A high diversity of reef fish with each “bommie” demonstrating a small world of great colour and variety. Stands of “fire” coral (Millepora spp).

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