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The Shirazi history has not been well researched. The only detailed history we have is of theSultan of Kilwa who emigrated from Shiraz in Persia in the 10th Century and had seven sons, setting them in different parts of the coast, including Mafia (Kisimani Mafia, and later Kua), so becoming a mini-colonist. This was not successful but he was instrumental in the growth of gold and ivory trading in the 14th Century that saw Kilwa become the most important entrepot in the Indian Ocean before a combination of events, finally the overrunning of the beautiful old town in Kilwa in the 1800s, by the Zimba, a cannibal tribe, thought to have come from central Africa.

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Ivory and green-gold matching highlights on soft furnishings give this room a regal appeal. This is the family bungalow with two bedrooms sharing a bathroom between. Both have large double beds. Excellent for families with 1 or 2 small children or a twin. Close to the beach and lapping of gentle waves at night on our beach.

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