Why Choose
Mafia Island & Kinasi Lodge

Mafia is an incomparable beach holiday and adventure destination where everything is, literally, on your doorstep when you stay at Kinasi Lodge, located inside East Africa’s best marine park - magnificent reefs for diving and snorkelling, a protected bay for swimming and sailing, historic ruins and traditional villages to visit, sandbanks and islets to enjoy alone, picnics with our excursion dhow - and road safaris to other parts of the island, unspoilt by development. Kayaks and bicycles are available free to our guests, as are guided walks.


At Kinasi we proudly operate our own Whale Shark excursions for our guests, in order to ensure best practice protocols of sustainable swimming with whale sharks are followed with minimal impact on their behavior.

This is not always easy with excited visitors experiencing this amazing adventure for the first time and boat captains who wish to please them. In the past this has led to situations with too many swimmers in the water at the same time (especially when few sharks are around and there are several boat-loads of people from different operators in the water).





The Dining
at Kinasi

We Are Famous For Our Cooking….

Our chefs have been with us for years and get refresher training each year from a restaurateur friend from England. Naturally we have lots of fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables but we cater for the meat-eaters and vegetarians just as well. We have created everything from kosher food to catering for cruise ships ! So just
let us know while you are our guest and we’ll look after you.


Other Places

We can arrange for you onward travel and bookings for safari parks, Dar es salaam and Zanzibar hotels.

We have a meet & greet service in Mafia, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar



Mafia is 160 km south of Zanzibar and the same distance east of the Selous. The lodge is 15 km from the Mafia Airport at Kilindoni, our main town and district capital. The new bitumen road to Utende Beach and KInasi was completed in 2014. Kinasi Lodge opened in January 1996 with our first six rooms. We designed and built it ourselves from our experience of living in East Africa and growing up in Papua New Guinea on the sea. Kinasi sits on a hillside on the south-east coast of Mafia Island at Utende, overlooking Chole Bay and the islands of Jibondo, Chole and Juani.

Kinasi is in the heart of the Mafia Island Marine Park so is ideally situated for all the diving, snorkelling and excursions you will want to take part in. And - best of all - these excursions and experiences are all right on your doorstep – no extra travel time or hassle and cost… Mafia Island offers so much so easily.

There are domestic aircraft connections in Dar es Salaam to/from Zanzibar and all the northern and southern game parks, so Mafia Island is now easy to reach.. Mafia Island is a short flight from the capital Dar es Salaam and an hour from Zanzibar. There are morning and afternoon flight connections from all wildlife parks, Zanzibar and Pemba Islands, and we provide a free booking service to our guests for booking their travel arrangements to and from Mafia.


Ready to go? One of our travel specialists will be happy to help you book your next adventure!

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