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Cancellations & Postponements with Kinasi

We are continually monitoring the tourism industry situation, including air travel restrictions and updates to travel policies that may impact you. We are also reading the myriad analyse of aht plans countries and institutions are developing to re-start the tourism industry and what travel will look like post-COVID. Our position is that we must approach the situation with a “business as usual” strategy and the safety of our guests and staff will be our guiding principle in handling any existing bookings and enquiries by keeping you advised of the situation here. In any case, bookings we have may have to be postponed because of travel restrictions there or here, airline schedule changes, and our guests may not feel entirely confident to go ahead as early as July, may be worried about finances, etc. We have taken note and our response can only be to offer total flexibility.

Whether you have a travel itinenary booked that includes Kinasi Lodge or are planning upcoming travel, we promise to do our best to assist and we all look forward to welcoming you with our warm Mafia Island hospitality in the near future. Where a travel ban or flight problems prevent guests from leaving their home country, or from travelling into the part of East Africa they are visiting, we will postpone your trip indefinately at the same rates so you can continue to look forward to an incredible experience. It is our conclusion that postponement is the way to go because many service providers including airlines and some tour operators are not refunding tickets and travel commitments but are providing vouchers for future travel (the legal challenges to this unfair policy are yet to come, and they will).
In response to agents’ specific questions we have suspended all deposit and cancellation conditions as we all wait to see how the epidemic evolves and the travel industry responds. Any bookings made by you will be confirmed by us but we will not request deposits at this time. We are happy to note that we are still getting enquiries and confirmations so we salute our guests’ resilience.

We have provided maximum flexibility during this time, as follows:

1.- Confirmed bookings:

If clients want to cancel, we will not apply any cancellation fees at this time and until further notice and will refund any deposits we hold on requests.

If clients would like to postpone the trip we completely understand and will re-book as requested and/or hold the booking going forward until the situation is clearer. This looks like the best option for those who have already booked because airlines are only offering “vouchers” so rather than lose the whole dream, hang in there with a postponed one; either way you will not lose any funds deposited with Kinasi.

2.- For new bookings:

We shall suspend cancellation fees and keep checking with you as to the confirmation or otherwise of the booking.

We are pleased to note that – as I write – we are still receiving enquiries for the coming months and that positivism is such an encouragement for us and we shall respond alike. The whale shark season starts in mid-September so that is a great attraction to promote.


If the current relaxation and improvements in travel continue to progress it may even be possible for you to plan for the 2020/21 Whale Shark Season, following an excellent long season in 2019/20 – let’s hope so ! We will have a celebratory special offer for the season, assuming all goes better in the near future. We are working on this now and will send it out as soon as we think that travel will be feasible by August or September when Mafia is at its most stunning.