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So things are beginning to move, and we have some light to go by, we need to talk life and business. The situation now, as restrictions ease, is what we expected would emerge as we moved on in this epic shutdown. But the new protocols being put in place are somewhat onerous, not easy to implement thoroughly and, unfortunately, the messages coming from Tanzania may seem confusing to you with some controversy over testing and the actual impact of the disease here, mixed messages on the case load and mortality, what the requirements will be for international travellers and what they should expect when they get here. So in this newsletter we hope to provide as much clarity as we can.

We also inform you of the airlines likely to operate to Tanzania and what the key protocols (SOP) are for airports and arrivals. And we announce a new domestic flight option for Mafia Island, a direct flight from Zanzibar to Mafia and back each afternoon.

The tourism sector in Mafia is getting organised with Destination Marketing and Sustainable Tourism and will be providing much more information and better services for all visitors.

And then we want to ask you what you would like to see in place for you and your guests who wish to travel to Mafia and Tanzania.


We are doing as much as we can to involve all other hoteliers and service providers in Mafia to be together in our Destination Marketing and Management efforts, and a lot of positive energy is being expended. The focus of our promotion is sustainable tourism, based on Mafia Island being more isolated, less crowded, safe, yet a very accessible tourism destination.

As part of this programme we have prepared a questionnaire and sent it out to all of you on our mailing lists. You can also find it here QUESTIONNAIRE ON MAFIA ISLAND AS A DESTINATION

A second questionnaire HOW WOULD YOU LIKE THE MAFIA ISLAND EXPERIENCE TO BE POST-COVID ? will be circulated after the initial findings because we would like to understand how agents and their clients would like to feel and be treated while on holiday with COVID-19 still prevalent in the World and the many protocols affecting the travel experience. Essentially this is about being human and how we interact and can appreciate one another, rather than be required to shun our fellow travellers.