Sport Fishing in Mafia

Fishing the waters of the Mafia Archipelago

Sports_fishing1Sport Fishing in Mafia and Songo Songo Archipelago is available from our power boats and excursion boats. Sport fishing is not encouraged inside the Chole Bay zone of Mafia Island Marine Park, so all fishing offered by Kinasi in Mafia is outside the Bay towards the north, east and south-east from Kinasi Lodge and north-east from Lua Cheia at Ras Bweni in the north. With the two options of Kinasi and Lua Cheia the fishermen is able to access all the fishing grounds of Mafia, which offer some of the best fishing in Africa.

Our boats are based at Lua Cheia, which is outside the Marine Park and close to some of the best fishing in East Africa, but move as required and as the fishing conditions suit, with accommodation at both Lua Cheia and Kinasi Lodge. The boats are equipped with deep sea and inshore fishing tackle, electronics and safety equipment for up to four fishermen, and are powered by twin engines. The fishing includes trolling along the shelves and seamounts offshore in Mafia’s very deep waters, popping, jigging and fly fishing for game species. please download or fishing rates HERE.

The fishing grounds include Mafia Island and its reefs (Mange, Kitutia, Ras Mkumbi), Songo Songo islands, the deep sea crescent north-east of Mafia extending to Okuza, Nyuni and Njove Islands, and in the channels from Ras Bweni to Miororo Island. the more distant fishing areas require special planning so please contact us for more information. These have always been regarded as among the best game fishing grounds in East Africa, with catches of sailfish, blue, black and striped marlin, barracuda, wahoo, kingfish, giant trevalley, yellowfin and dog-tooth tuna, dorado, five-fingered jack and rainbow runner, red snapper, rock cod.
Night and day-time bottom fishing trips can also be arranged or – more interestingly – as trips accompanying local fishermen on their boats.

The deep sea crescent off Mafia and the Songo Songo Archipelago is potentially one of the most exciting game fishing areas in the world, with expanses of virtually unfished waters that offer a keen challenge to sport fishermen. In 1950 the author Arthur Conan Doyle set an all-Africa record for dorado of 34.2 kg that still stands. We believe that Mafia offers many more records but the facilities have not existed in the past to facilitate the serious fisherman.

Mafia Channel Fishing Club

In 1996 we founded the Mafia Channel Fishing Club and have hosted two fishing tournaments for visiting boats in Mafia. In one tournament 34 sailfish were hooked and released in a single day.

In early December 2015 – to celebrate our 20th year in operation – we expect to host another tournament at Lua Cheia, so enquire about our inclusive packages or BOOK NOW

Catch and Release

All fishing is based upon catch-and-release with one fish allowed for the table. It is expected that keen and experienced fishermen will have some of their own specialized fishing rods and tackle for fly fishing.

Fishing seasons

The best fishing is from September to March, but we catch common species such as barracuda, rainbow runner and trevalley all year-round. The tuna run is from October, with the waters busy with schools of bonito and yellowfin.