Why choose Kinasi Lodge

On Ode to the Island Life

In Mafia you will find wonders of all kind…..

Fish and corals fill the seas
And there are islands with majestic baobab trees
Tidal channels with unusual birds
And fine white beaches without the herds

The Mafians are people with an ancient history
They live with nature, independent and free
They fish and sail in traditional boats
And till the land with crops and cows and goats

It’s our desire to make sure we please
So enjoy the many interests and activities
With diving, snorkelling and bird-watching trips
Sailing and picnics on remote sand strips

Or fishing on the outer reefs all day
For dinner Oh, the ones that got away !
We’ll believe whatever you come back and say
Even though there were “witnesses” to pay

And nature walks with our special guide
To the villages and old history, our pride
See amazing bats roost in their hanging trees
And road safaris to the north will please

Kinasi is made of many a natural thing
So it’s all completely self-sustaining
Coconut leaves, stone and sand, clay and pole
And a lot of fun digging the swimming pool holeHammocks on wide verandahs and sun beds on the beach
Make sure that you fully relax and total bliss do reach
The spa is there to take away all stress and aggravation
And let you reach complete suspended animation
Most of all there is complete tranquility
After exciting days out on the sea
Relaxing evenings with our unique cocktails
And good company propping up the verandah railsAll this made perfect with delicious food
And good wines be-fitting the pleasant mood
A cellar full of fine selected wine
To ensure that you retire in mood divineYou’ll leave us feeling quite renewed
And believe we are old friends well brewed
But don’t be sad and leave for good the Island Life
You can soon come back from all that city strife!

Please download why choose Kinasi Lodge and some FAQ HERE.


We opened Kinasi for our first friends in January 1996, after designing and building it ourselves. It was intended to be a private home so it has that feeling and intimacy…. we love to see and hear the response our visitors express when they arrive……and we are always making it better, updating and adding touches from our guests’ comments and offering excellent cuisine, exciting water sports and excursions. Our intention is for our guests to become Friends of Mafia and to enjoy island life the way our family has been able to “live” Mafia and its people since 1984, the natural world and its fishing, diving and snorkelling, sailing and picnicking and all the other attractions and interests….and without any crowds and all of it right on your doorstep.

Çome and see what you think……….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAroom no 3 (1)_1Marimbani Sand Bank

Sunset over Chole Bay